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Susana Ros Lara

Susana Ros Lara

University of Murcia (UM)

Susana Ros Lara is a Senior Technician in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory, Senior Technician in Analysis and Control and a Bachelor of Chemical Sciences from the University of Murcia.

She is currently a civil servant at the University of Murcia, where she works as a Veterinary Clinical Pathology Laboratory Specialist Technician in the Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery of the Veterinary Faculty.

Since 2006 he has collaborated in research activities, carrying out various tasks, among which the following stand out: conducting veterinary clinical analyses, fine-tuning colorimetric and turbidimetric techniques; realization, optimization and validation of immunoassay techniques, digestion and analysis of heavy metals by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, purification of antibodies.

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