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Gerardo Robles Reinaldos

Gerardo Robles Reinaldos

University of Murcia (UM)

Gerardo Robles Reinaldos has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla-La Mancha and a PhD from the University of Murcia. Master’s Degree in Digital Communication from the Miguel Hernández University. The research activity and the work carried out are directed from the beginnings of visual studies to the construction of the image in the creative space and the aesthetic experience. It is oriented from the sphere of temporality towards new artistic architectures, both theoretical and production, on the intervention of time as a builder of the image in aesthetic reception. Theoretical contributions such as artistic productions have been interventions based on participation and the construction of new singular temporalities that define and extend interpretative discourses between the aesthetics of the visual and the creative germ of the artist.

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WoS research ID: A-5022-2014