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The objective of PigMarkSaL is to develop an optimal health status monitoring tool for an appropriate prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of porcine pathologies in the field.

Collecting saliva, as a non-invasive and minimally stressful way to obtain analytical samples, is proposed to warrant a proper quality and security of food of animal origin while animal welfare is guaranteed.

A global analytical view of common porcine pathologies will be obtained by the characterization of the main diseases along the production system. The salivary analytical profiling of each pathologies will improve the knowledge about the connection between the different mechanism of response against homeostasis disturbances and will provide a precise and specific tool for the sanitary classification of farms.

To achieve the objectives of the proposal, previously validated assays will be used to quantify the levels of the selected novel biomarkers. Moreover, the sampling procedure will be optimized to avoid any possible effect that could influence the analytical results and animals will be subjected to complete veterinary clinical examination and tests for specific diseases diagnosis.

In addition, a digital tool will be designed for the connection of farmers, veterinarians and laboratories for a simple, quick and direct collection of samples and information. Finally, an optimal and periodic way for animal health and welfare status monitoring will be obtained by the incorporation of productive, analytical and clinic parameters in the control and classification programs of porcine farms.