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Yolanda Saco Rodríguez

Yolanda Saco Rodríguez

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Yolanda Saco Rodríguez has a degree in Veterinary Medicine (UAB 1990) and a PhD in Biochemistry (UAB 2013). Part-time associate professor at the UAB Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (February 2021 to date).

Technical Director of the Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry Service (SBCV) of the UAB Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (responsible since 1994). Specialist in veterinary clinical biochemistry.

 Experience in the validation and development of new analytical procedures for the determination of biomarkers of interest within the field of production and veterinary medicine. He has participated in research projects in collaboration with companies specializing in the development of specific reagents for veterinary medicine.

Specific training in issues related to quality control, quality management and quality assurance of the different processes that are part of the clinical analysis laboratory.

Mail: yolanda.saco@uab.cat 

WoS research ID: L-6034-2014