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Matilde Piñeiro

Matilde Piñeiro

Acuvet Biotech

Matilde Piñeiro has a PhD in Chemical Sciences from the University of Zaragoza, where she began her professional activity as a researcher in the Biochemistry Department.

She later became part of the R&D department of the pigCHAMP Pro Europa company, where she acted as technical director of the diagnostics area, and worked as a researcher and in the coordination of different national and European R&D projects.

She is currently the R&D Director of the company Acuvet Biotech.

She has extensive experience in research on the applications of acute phase proteins as biomarkers of animal health and welfare, mainly in pigs. With extensive experience in the development and validation of immunochemical techniques, he has led the development of novel commercial tests for the quantification of acute phase proteins in different species, mainly pigs, cattle and dogs.

She has worked on 10 research projects (3 European and 7 national), two of them as principal investigator.

Author of 30 scientific publications, index h 18.

Mail: mpineiro@acuvetbiotech.com

Scopus ID: 7004958129